Reminder- Lent Penance Service at 6pm – Religous Ed Dinner Canceled

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Just a quick reminder that we will have our Lenten Penance Service this evening at QAS at 6pm following the 5pm mass. All are encouraged and welcome to attend. Also the religious education dinner has been canceled for today.
The great saint Padre Pio once said on confession "Even if a room is closed, it is necessary to dust it after a week."
Consider how much time we spend and the great attention we give in the cleansing and maintenance of our bodies and even the clothing we wear upon them. The sacrament of confession is cleansing and maintenance for our immortal and spiritual souls which also tend to gather stains and scuffs on this walk through life. Confession is a gift from God in which He scrubs and airs out our spiritual dirty laundry. No it's not really the most pleasant experience, to have to admit to ourselves and someone else our deepest failings, but the taste of the medicine which cures our ills is not often sweet, yet it's effect, the cure, most definitely is.
"For sins are, so to say, the chains by which the soul is bound, and from which it is freed by the Sacrament of Penance." (Catechism of the Council of Trent)
God Bless,

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