Coronavirus Mass Changes

Hello All,


This message is on behalf of Fr. Andres.  Effective immediately, the following changes will be made to address the concerns of the Coronavirus. 


  1. The attached letter addresses the changes that will be in effect.  This letter will be read by Fr. Andres at the weekend Masses and put in the bulletin.  Mike is going to post the
    letter on the websites and e-mail to the Parishioners as well.
  2. Gifts will no longer be placed in the back of Church and brought to the Altar – instead they will be placed up front before the Service.
  3. No Precious Blood will be distributed, only the Priest and Deacons will receive it.  Therefore, there will not be a need for the Eucharistic Ministers.  HOWEVER, it would be good for
    the EM’s and the Greeters to be available before Mass to hand out the bulletin (pointing out the letter) and try to visually assess people as they come in to Church-
    ask them how they are feeling.  The purpose of this is to encourage anyone showing ANY SYMPTOMS to not attend Mass and to stay home.  It is okay for them to miss Mass.  DO NOT hand shake or hug – only gestures. 
  4. There will be no distribution of the Holy Eucharist on the tongue. 
  5. Anyone on the Altar, including Altar Servers, should use hand sanitizer generously prior to Mass and at any other time they feel it is needed.
  6. Cleaning of the Chalice should really be done by one person to ensure they are properly cleaned. 
  7. No holy water, sharing of Peace or holding hands during the Our Father.
  8. Please look for volunteers to help wipe off the benches, hand rails, etc with a disinfectant after Sunday Service and open windows to ventilate if possible.



Best regards,


Carmen Pankratz

Office Manager

St. Peter’s | Queen of All Saints | St. Rose of Lima

Phone: 970-641-0808

Fax: 970-641-4592


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