Fr Andres to again offer masses via facebook live & other info

 Good Afternoon All,

Fr. Andres will offer masses for the next two weekends via facebook live, schedule and links are below.
On St. Peter's facebook:
Saturday 5pm
Sunday 11am (Spanish)
St Peters facebook is at:
On Queen of All Saints facebook:
Sunday: 9am
QAS facebook is at:
For future reference these facebook pages can be found by clicking the facebook icon in the menu of both parish websites.
Maggie Dijkstra passed along that Bishop Robert Barron is offering daily masses on the Word on Fire website, see the link below for more info.
Ilene Spector passed along some helpful practical information regarding the virus from someone working with the CDC, please see the attached pdf.
Also attached is the latest update from the County.
Apologies if the emails coming through in the past have been a solid block of text for you. For some reason the system I'm using was (maybe still is) removing newline characters, I made some changes and am hoping that doesn't happen anymore. If this email is a text wall then this is why, I'm working on it.
God Bless,

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