Church to remain closed and other various updates

Good Day Everyone,
Attached is the latest liturgical directives from the Diocese
concerning the situation. As of right now the Diocese has encouraged
churches to open 2-3 hours a day for the faithful to pray, however
after speaking with Fr Andres, it has been decided to leave Queen of
All Saints shut for the time being. The Gunnison Valley has been hit
particularly hard by the virus and because this is going to be a
critical week in the county wide efforts to lower the curve, the
Church will remain locked but hopefully in the next coming weeks we
can start opening the Church again.

Also attached is the latest update from the County on the situation.

As of this morning the county has confirmed 36 positive cases, 34
negative and 55 pending tests.
You can keep up to date on the numbers by viewing the “By the Numbers”
google document here:

The Parish Office has been closed but Carmen is still doing her best
to keep things going from home, She sent the following message out
this morning:
“I have to apologize, I have not been able to forward the phone system
directly to my phone at home or update the message. However, if you
call the office, you can hit #2 to either leave me a message or call
me directly on my cell. Or I am able to access the Parish e-mail so
you can always send me a message that way at:

We received the following message from long-time friends and
parishioners Gabi and Scott:
“Dear Queen of All Saints,

As long-time members of the Queen of All Saints family, Scott and I
would appreciate the church communities’ prayers for my father, Frank
Prochaska, and my mother, Elfi Prochaska. Frank is in intensive care
at Penrose Hospital fighting for his life with severely incapacitated
lungs (not related to COVID-19). Please add my father and for mother
to the parish prayer list.

Thank you,
Gabi Prochaska (Frank’s daughter)
and Scott Desmarais (Frank’s son-in-law)”

Please keep Gabi’s parents and their family in your prayers.

For those of you who don’t receive the bulletin by email a reminder
that all bulletins can be seen on the website at:

This Sunday’s bulletin can be seen here:

Apologies again if this email is still coming through all bunched
together and no paragraphs. Hope to have that figured out soon.

Stay safe and God Bless,

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