MESSAGE #2 Easter Sunday – April 12th Weekly Update for Queen of All Saints, St. Peter’s & St. Rose of Lima

Part 2:  

  • The Easter Sunrise Service (6:30am) is a Mass Intention for those on the Memorial Wall.  Attached you will find the list, please include them in your prayers.
  • We understand that some of the mail has been getting delayed in delivery.  Please find (attached) the Coronavirus letter which was mailed along with Fr. Andres
    Easter letter
    .   Even if you have already read Father's letter,  it is worth reading again. Fr.
    ndre's message is one of hope, encouragement, and love.  
    are truly blessed. 


  •   One last item – Bishop Berg's Easter Message……

Brothers and Sisters,

As we have entered Holy Week and approach the Holy Triduum in the middle of this pandemic crisis, we will not be able to personally
attend the beautiful liturgies that we have awaited all year. We share a sense of loss, as a community of families, young and old. Our children especially will feel this loss this year. I remember the excitement of candy, Easter eggs and baskets, and still
enjoy those treats. But it is in the family’s grounding in the Story of Salvation, the rejoicing in the Resurrection, where the true security and hope of our faith tradition is found. As parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and friends, let us
reach out to make this time special and meaningful for the family. 

God is more powerful than any virus or any other crisis to come in this world. He has a plan, already working, to bring great good
from this trial. For years in our culture the family has been under attack. Now we must all shelter in place and spend time, lots of time, with our family. What would God have us do with this opportunity? How can we participate in His plan for good, to seize
the moments ahead to become stronger in faith?

This leads to a most important question: What does it mean to be a Domestic Church? It means that God, who has revealed Himself
as a Trinity, a family of three loving persons, who came to live with us through the care of a Holy Family, 
families and works uniquely through them.
 He has gifted your family with the ability to know, love, and serve Him as a nuclear
community of enormous spiritual potential. In loving one another, praying together, teaching Jesus, we learn to walk closer with our children as His disciples. Do not ever underestimate the spiritual life of a child! They, in fact, will teach us. This is the
excitement of the call to the Domestic Church.

While our physical church locations are temporarily closed, the temporal and spiritual reality of the Domestic Church is more important than ever. And
so I urge: Domestic Church, Rise Up! Parents, families, create an atmosphere of prayer in your homes. Grow in your faith in prayer, reading Scripture, studying the Saints, and engage in online learning opportunities. Decorate and celebrate. Get out and walk,
listen, watch, and share the gifts of God’s creation together. Plan your menus and meals around the spiritual themes that are so creatively available. These are teachable moments that will not come again. May our world be changed now, for the better, for the
family and for the Kingdom of God.

Our diocesan Senior Strategic Leadership Team has assembled resources to help families celebrate Holy Week and Easter at home. Please accept our
offering, check these suggestions out and see how they can help you fulfill the call that God has for you. Jesus thirsts for you. Step forward and let Him have His way. He is with you now!

My prayers are with you always. May you and yours have all the Blessings of an experience of Our Lord’s Passion, and your hearts be truly open to
all Graces of His Resurrection.   

Bishop Stephen Berg




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