Sixth Sunday Of Easter – Weekly Update for Queen of All Saints, St. Peter’s & St. Rose of Lima

Praise God – the Church is opening! 


Hello All,

Below are a few updates and information to share:

  • Find in this message the Mass Schedule and Intentions as well as how you can sign up for Mass.    
  • Usher/Lector roles:  Please note if you sign up for one of these roles there are changes (attached).     
  • Father Andres will be hearing confessions before the 5:00 pm Mass at St. Peter’s and before the 8:30 am Mass at Queen of All Saints in the PARISH
  • Rice Bowls – you may bring your Lenten Rice Bowls to Church, there will be a basket in the back of Church.
  • Please be patient as the Church reopens with the new Guidelines  – this will be an ongoing process and learning for all of us.


Have a safe and blessed weekend!

Carmen Pankratz

Office Manager

St. Peter’s/Queen of All Saints/St. Rose of Lima

400 W Georgia Avenue

Gunnison CO 81230

Phone:  970-641-0808






It is critical that the Mass Guidelines be read and followed – they are available on the website and included in the attachments of this message. 


Click on the Church you would like to attend to see availability and register:



St. Peter’s Church                                              Queen of All Saints Church           


You can also call the Parish Office to register.  970-641-0808 (during business hours)


            St. Rose of Lima –
Please contact Erin Cavit (970-944-0191 or




Mass Schedule & Intentions for May 16th through May 22nd

(May 16th)

5:00 PM (4:00 PM Confession) – St.
Peter's Church & Facebook


Wendelin, Margaret & Clinton Billinger (req.
by Dan & Michelle Zadra)

Graduating Students (blessings)(req. by Tom & Polly Venard)


Sunday (May 17th)

 8:30 AM
 (8:00 AM Confession)
Queen of All Saint Church & Facebook Live

Lieske Rijks-Leynent
 –  (req.
by Teresa Rijks

10:30 AM – St.
Peter’s Church & Facebook Live

Bryse Ciallella
 –  (req.
by The Woytek Family

Thanksgiving for Fr. Andres–  (req.
by Dan & Michelle Zadra


          12:00 Noon (Spanish) – St.
Peter’s Church & Facebook Live

Ines Gonzales Bernal

(req. by the Morales & Gonzales Families)

Maria de los Angeles Bernal Torres
by the Eduardo Davalos Family)

St. Peter’s Church & Facebook Live or Queen of All Saints Church & Facebook Live


St. Peter’s Church

St Peter’s – Mass Intention

Queen of All Saints

Queen of All Saints- Mass Intention

Monday, May 18th

5:30 pm (communion)


5:30 pm (communion)


Tuesday, May 19th

12:00 Noon

Thomas Zimmer (health) & Hudson Willes (healing)

req. by Joe & Pam Dixon



Wednesday, May 20th

7:00 AM

Ellis Bierhals (healing)

req. by The Pankratz Family

5:00 Confession/5:30 Mass

Don Gunnin   (req. Dcn Joe & Bev Fitzpatrick

Thursday, May 21st

7:00 AM

Thomas Zimmer (health)



Friday, May 22nd

7:00 AM

Marlene Zanatell (well being)req. by Jerry Piquette

No Communion Service




Peter's Facebook Link
of All Saints Facebook Link


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St. Peter’s Church is looking for a Janitor to clean the Church, Hall, set up for events and other light duties.  Fifteen hours per week as the Church re-opens and eventually 10 to 15 hours per week.  The schedule can be flexible to fit your schedule.  Contact the Parish Office 970-641-0808 – 		       400 W Georgia Ave – <a

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Baby Bottle Fundraiser<br />
Baby bottles are available for pick up at the Parish Office at 400 W Georgia.  Take one home, drop your loose change in it to help support the Lighthouse Pregnacy Center.<br />
To learn more – donate – sign up for their newsletter, just click on the logo to the right to be directed to their website or call 970-596-1706<br />
” width=”893″ height=”235″></span><u></u><b><span style=        Lighthouse Pregnancy Center in Gunnison, CO










May 18th is the Celebration of:                      




St. John Paul the Great lived out courage like none other during his lifetime.  He took on Communism in Poland and across the world

With his teachings and was instrumental in the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union.  He was shot in public and then met his would-be assassin face to face in prison and forgave him for what he did.  And
was constantly reminding us to “be not afraid.”


“Have no fear of moving into the unknown.  Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you, therefore no harm can befall you; all is very, very well.  Do this in complete faith and confidence.” 


Fear can be one of the greatest hindrances to living out the gospel.  It keeps us from going out into what is uncomfortable.  Fear is what kept the disciples hidden in the Upper Room after Christ’s crucifixion instead
of out in the world preaching the gospel. 


But St. John Paul the Great called us to be courageous and generous in giving all that we have to Jesus Christ.  He challenged us to “break out of the comfortable,” to move “into the unkown,” and to “open wide the
doors for Christ.”  He said there is nothing to fear when we trust in Christ.




The Quo Vadis retreat this June can help a young man learn to discern and listen for God's call while enjoying fellowship and fun with his peers in a campground setting.

For more information see:






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