Parish Hall Reservation Request Process

If you would like to request a reservation or schedule an event for the Parish Hall please first consult the calendar below and if your desired times and dates are available then fill out the form below the calendar. If you need multiple days click the “Add Another Day” button. Totals will automatically be calculated. The times you enter must include setup and cleanup time required for the event.

Your request will be reviewed and once approved will be added to the calendar. You should hear back from us soon.


Parish Hall Availability Calendar

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Reservation Request Form

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Events six hours and under is $150
Events over six hours: $300 per day.

Please Note: The times you enter should take into consideration any setup or take down times that you will need for your event.

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The Diocese of Pueblo, which is the owner of the facility, currently requires all non parish related events to be covered with liability insurance. If you have your own liability insurance we will need a Certificate of Liability showing Queen of All Saints as the Additional Insured. Otherwise there will be an insurance fee, $95 for every 3 days, and you will need to fill out an additional insurance form.

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