Through generous donations,  St. Mary’s Garage offers FREE to anyone:

– children’s, men’s & women’s clothing & shoes
– bedding & linens
– small home & seasonal decor
– kids toys & baby items
– small kitchen items
– and other unique items donated to the garage

We promote the spirit of giving and receiving through sharing in our community and with others outside of our community.  Donations of items are made available to ANYONE for free during opening hours. Monetary donations are gratefully appreciated to support the cost of space use rental for the garage. All hours are supported by VOLUNTEERS.  We give away all clean and usable donations.  If your clothing does not find a new owner in Crested Butte, then we send it on to other charities around the state.  

St. Mary’s Garage is a ministry begun by members of Queen of All Saints Catholic Church in cooperation with all the other Crested Butte faith communities and local volunteers. 

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