Queen of All Saints Catholic Church, Crested Butte, CO

Queen of All Saints Parish Mission Statement

We Catholics are committed to serving as Missionary Disciples of Jesus Christ, in a small Mountain Community, living a sacramental life through praying, preaching, teaching and celebrating are guided by Mary’s example of Faith, to help everyone grow in holiness.

Queen of All Saints is located at Fourth and Sopris in Crested Butte.

Adoration Team

Queen of All Saints has recently begun doing Eucharistic Adoration every Thursday. If you would like to become part of the Adoration Team please follow the link below and you can add yourself to the list and take an hour for one week, on an ongoing basis or become a backup to be notified when an hour is needing to be filled.


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    The other day I was discussing this week’s readings with a few people and someone said that he though that Jesus must have been in a bad mood that day. In my house “them’s fighting words”. If you want to start and argument just begin by suggesting that someone is in a “ bad mood” ...
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    Raise your hand if you have never asked that question? How many times are we supposed to forgive someone? And if we cannot remember asking that ourselves, how many times have we been asked that question by others? There is no need to paint the entire scenario, but it usually ends with a tear-stained face, ...
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    There is this story about a Catholic priest and Jewish rabbi, from a small Colorado town, that became very close friends. Every Sunday afternoon, after the priests last service, the two would get together and go fishing at their favorite little fishing hole. This went on for years until one day a protestant minister came ...
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    Before we go on any further I feel that I have to admit something to you. We may or may not know enough well enough but I feel that I have to get this off my chest. Last night, I went and saw the movie Barbie. I know that this is a lot for me ...

Mass & Communion Service Live Streams

All masses and communion services will now be automatically streamed to this website.
Go to the live stream page to view view services.

Offerings to the Parish can be made online via PayPal or by mailing to the address below.

See the offerings page here.

Queen of All Saints
400 W Georgia
Gunnison, CO 81230

Fr. Andrés Ayala-Santiago